Question: What do you get when you squeeze an orange?

Answer: Orange juice

It does not matter what kind of a day the orange has had, when it gets squeezed, you get juice. That is guaranteed!

You may ask, “What is the big deal on that?”

In our daily lives, through stress and events beyond our control, we are squeezed all the time. What comes out? …. Colourful words? Behaviour you later regret? Feeling frustrated?

What comes out in reaction to being squeezed is going to be a reflection of what you are connected to. The orange would not give juice if it were connected to a thistle. What is your source of energy?

If you start every day glued to your electronic device for an update on all the hate and chaos out there , maybe some caffeine for “energy”, is it any wonder for what comes out when you hit the stresses of the day?

I have learned the importance of meditation to start my day. Through meditation, my connection with God is nourished. He is the supreme source of the energy which I need to serve. My connection with God ensures that my spirit/body connection is on purpose and aligned. God guides me through the challenges and blessing that the day is going to bring.

When I am squeezed today, will love come out?

I am still a work in progress …


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