It is all about consistency

We all know how difficult it is to form a new good habit. Why is that?

We set an intention that will move us toward one of our goals. We take the first step … we are on our way! But are we? How often doesn’t it happen that life gets in the way of good intentions. At first we beat back the mental objections but then there are those “important things”. Before you know it, it is a week later and “Oh yes, I was going to do ….”

A year ago I made my first posts on my website. I was pleased with the quality. That should have been motivation to keep at it and keep building. Then I stopped and I felt like I let myself down. After you have been on a bit of a roll and stop, it is really hard to start again.

I know that it is all about consistency. I know that my work does not need to be perfect but it needs to be consistent. For the audience to consistently show up, the work needs to be there … consistently. I don’t know about what is motivating me more this time to be consistent but I can feel it is there this time.

By publicly stating my intention, I feel like I am asking you, the reader to hold me accountable. Thank you for joining me in this journey.


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